A website on must have web privacy to protect the web. Security can be considered as an aspect of security. In today’s increasingly sophisticated technology that can be used to commit crimes or people who just want to dabble.

Understanding privacy
Privacy is the ability to maintain life and personal relationships from the public, or to control the flow of information about themselves. Privacy is sometimes associated with anonymity even though anonymity is more disputed by people known to the public. Security can be considered as an aspect of security.

What is privacy?
A privacy policy is a document or page that explains to web visitors or blogs, about how you manage the information you get from them. In other words the privacy policy is being done by a web that has been created by the owner or the creation of the site itself. This is done by the owners of the web or blog as a requirement to wrestle the internet world. This is the basis that must be done by the web owner as evidence then the blog or web will be really occupied and will be better in perkembangnnya.
The privacy policy also provides evidence of who the owner of the web is, if at any time there is a web writer who wants things related to the site can easily find who the owner of the web, and many more functions.
The content of the Privacy Policy itself is about the use of Log Files, DoubleClick Dart Cookie, our Advertising Partners, Third Party Privacy Policy, Child Information, Online Privacy Policy Only, and other privacy policies made by the owners of these different sites but with the same purpose From Web owners or blogs

Web applications often rely on cookies to attract users and customize web pages. A cookie is a small text file stored on a web server on your Computer. A cookie file usually contains about you, such as your username or preferences.
Websites use cookies for various purposes:

To search for user preferences on the site, the user may be asked to fill out a form requesting personal information.
To store passwords, so they do not have to enter each time they log in to the website.
Online shopping sites use cookie sessions to track items in the instructions.