In essence Education function to develop the ability and form the character and civilization of nation that dignified and educate the life of the nation, opersional education aims to develop the potential of learners to become human beings who believe and be cautious, character, noble, healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, independent ,

And become a democratic and responsible citizen. Therefore, it takes education system and school management that lead process to form character of learners. Rationally, character-based education is crucial for immediate implementation,
therefore the central issues studied in writing relate to strategy, human readiness, success indicators, implementation design, evaluation strategies, constraints and policy components required.
This writing was conducted with qualitative approach and case study method in two elementary schools in Garut district area, and resulted the following study ;

  1. The implementation strategy of character-based school management includes aspect strategy: Input Efficiency; Effectiveness Process Output Productivity, Relevance Outcome
  2. The important thing in preparing the potential of human resources is the improvement of spiritual competence of personal character,
  3. indicators of successful implementation of character-based school management that includes the success of processes and outcomes in all aspects of the management component
  4. The design should be adjusted to the conditions, targets and objectives,
  5. Evaluation strategy, carried out two stages, namely the stage of self-evaluation and follow-up improvement,
  6. The biggest obstacles are weakness of commitment and potential character on personal
  7. Important components of the policy formulation,